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Cosmic Chronicle – August 2012

Summer is quickly coming to a close for those who are living in the Northern hemisphere. Days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. Many communities are advertising their annual fairs, feasts, and festivals. Families are wrapping up summer activities and beginning to prepare for the new school year ahead. Mother Nature is also signaling the end of the season with her bounty of ripened fruits and vegetables.  This year, the first harvest, Lammas/Lughnasadh, falls on August 1st in Aquarius.

Cosmically, August is beginning with a much needed reprieve from the chaos, calamity and change since January. Aquarius is an Air Sign, which means that we will become conscious of how others see us. We may not physically accomplish much this month, but, we will continue our path of enlightenment. Air Signs; Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra, are the cerebral giants of the zodiac. Creativity, logistics, inspiration, imagination, ideas, and complex details are boundless fuel for that group. A Full Moon always carries intense energy and when one falls in an Air Sign, the wheels of mental reflection, inspiration, and evaluation rotate on a higher plane of consciousness.

Thankfully, the Mercury Retrograde that began on July 14th has been a mild one, although as it turns direct; August 7th – 8th could ruffle some feathers in the areas of transportation, communication, or commerce, nothing trivial! However, that momentary disruption will dissipate on August 9th.   

August 13th-17th is a period which could unexpectedly unhinge relationships, finances, and our sense of security as the planet Venus crosses the unsettling Uranus-Pluto Square. Hiding under a bed may not be practical, but, it may help! Fortunately a cosmic clean-up crew will arrive with the New Moon, in the Fire Sign, Leo, on August 17th – 19th

Mercury and Uranus will amplify energies giving us a sudden jolt of uninhibited euphoria over the weekend of August 18th – 19th which could cause us to do or say something that we may deeply regret later. On August 20th, we will begin the process of switching gears from the planning and thinking phase into action and reality mode.

The Sun enters the Earth Sign, Virgo, on August 22nd.  Many will anxiously anticipate the amplified and long-lasting energy generated by our second Full Moon. Get out your candles, crystals and magick wands! This Blue Moon will be in the incredibly mystical Water Sign, Pisces; August 31st – September 2nd. Many will be ready to set into motion and manifest their hopes, dreams, wishes, or goals. While others may find themselves feeling mentally scrambled and physically overwhelmed by the intense swirling energy.

Labor Day weekend will officially end summer in the Northern Hemisphere. After a sneak preview of September’s cosmic coming attractions; it may not be a bad idea to stock your pantry with Tylenol and Prilosec, you may need them.    

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Cosmic Chronicle – July 2012

newsletter - July 2012Challenging is a good word to describe the last six months. Our challenges actually began in 2010, and escalated to fever pitch when the planet of change, Uranus, settled in the fire sign, Aries, on March 11, 2011, where it will remain until May 15, 2018 when it will move into Taurus. Since the beginning, we have been on an unmerciful roller coaster ride filled with unexpected chaos, confusion and change!

July 4 will usher in a positive and surprisingly optimistic energy during the American Independence Day celebrations, curtsey of a Capricorn Full Moon, July 3. Uranus will go retrograde July 13 – December 13 in Aries. And, Mercury will go retrograde July 14 – August 8 in Leo. The pace will appear to slow, and we will finally have some time for a much needed time-out. Inner reflection and examination of our future direction will be the major theme during this period. As well as completing projects that have been put on the back-burner for so long, i.e., cupboards, closets, attics, basements and garages! During this Mercury Retrograde, old friends, long lost relatives, and even those who have passed-on could suddenly contact us. A return of past relationships is the focus for this unusual Mercury Retrograde.

Much emphasis has been put on a personal and collective spiritual awakening this year, but what does it mean? During the age of darkness and materialism, we were taught that the term spiritual meant core religious beliefs. And, for the last 168 years that conditioned definition was true. However, we are realizing now that whatever acts as our inner support system and directs us to our greatest potential of awareness is truly our core spiritual self. We are evolving into spiritual beings with a broader perspective of being part of something far greater than ourselves. On a reflective note, and given recent events, it appears that organized religions were much more dogmatically confident, and profitable, when their flocks revolved and lived in unquestioned faith and trust.

Although there are still bumps in the cosmic road ahead, our incredible journey is far from over, especially as we move into mid-month, then all hell will break loose again! But, just as quickly as it began, we will comfortably and securely end the month with a bright New Moon in Cancer on July 19, and the Sun will enter the fire sign, Leo, July 22.

August will come in with a much more positive energy as Neptune, Pluto and Uranus begin to mellow their cosmic flair-ups. A keen sense of awareness will help us to recognize any unexpected opportunities which could present themselves and ignite our ambition, drive, and passions in the direction we have chosen. So, stay tuned as we continue to move forward, onward and upward together.

Shelly Seitz
Sagittarian Sun, Inc.

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