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Cosmic Chronicle – Feb 2012

Cosmic ChronicleWhen the Moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace shall guide the planets, and love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…

Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In, The 5th Dimension, 1967

As entertaining as the Broadway musical “Hair” was; it was produced long before the actual Age of Aquarius, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Moon being in the Seventh House, and much less to do with Jupiter aligning with Mars!

The Grand Cycle consists of twelve constellations, which rotates from one respective Zodiac sign to the other requiring approximately 2,000 years. There has been tremendous debate about when we made our entrance into the Aquarian Age, or Age of Light.  Some argue that it was 1972, while others believe that it was 1987. Then, there are many who emphatically believe that the Great Shift will begin at the winter Solstice on December 21, 2012.  

Whatever one chooses to believe, Astronomers have indisputable evidence that between the years of 1998-2001, the Sun rotated on its axis and entered the region of space known as the “photon band,” which is filled with higher light frequencies radiating out from the Galactic Center. That’s all well and good, but, what does it mean? Simply put; this intense light source will enlighten anything that falls in its path, expanding consciousness on every level for the next 2,000 years. Needless to say, there is as much controversy about the photon band as there has been about the timing of each Age!

Typically, I try very hard to omit astrological jargon and get straight to the point, after all, what is, is! But, this is one of those times when a crash course is needed to fully understand where we were, why, and where we are heading. So please, follow along with me on a Star-Trek journey through our Twilight Zone!

Planets move through time and space, from one zodiac sign to another, at different warp speeds. The further out into the galaxy a planet is, the longer it takes to change and influence the zodiac signs. For instance; The Moon changes zodiac signs every two and a half days. The Earth changes zodiac signs every thirty days. Venus and Mercury are small, fast moving planets, and they move through a zodiac sign every month. Mars will move through a zodiac sign approximate every month and a half, whereas, Jupiter spends a year doing the same thing.

Saturn, the task master, moves through a zodiac sign every 29 years. Chiron is the relatively “new kid on the block,” his job is to greatly influence our Spiritual evolution with his slow, deliberate transit through a zodiac sign every 50 years. The heavy hitting outer planets; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are the planetary trinity who give us our prophetic insights. Uranus revolves around the Sun once every 84 years, while Neptune makes his presence known for 165 years. The celestial line-up would not be complete without Pluto, who makes his influential journey through the solar system in 248 years.  

This is where we will begin our journey which will bring us to where we are today, at the Uranus-Aries Point, the North Node representing the pathway to Spirit.

“Why is this gibberish important?” Uranus rules light and electricity; and is an expert at turning things upside down, very quickly! Earth got a taste of “coming attractions” when it experienced a magnetic pole shift of its electrical energy May 28, 2010 – January 8, 2012.  Think back, what transpired either personally or globally during that time frame?

Uranus rules Aquarius, Neptune rules Pisces, and, Pluto rules Scorpio, their soul directed, unpredictable, and eccentric influence will be felt through 2025. Thankfully, it will give us plenty of time to find a good therapist!

The assertive warrior Mars rules the fire sign of Aries. It will continue in the retrograde motion it started on January 23 – April 13. Saturn is the ruler of earth sign, Capricorn, and he went into retrograde motion on the Full Moon, February 7, going back into direct motion on June 25.  Until mid-April, these two retrogrades have put us into a very vulnerable position, emotionally, and rationally. Beginning a new business, signing important papers, making major purchases, and decisions, etc. is ill advised until after mid-April.

Without exception, over the next 14 years, there isn’t a soul on Earth who will not be affected by a seemingly arbitrary energy force that is totally beyond our expectations or control.

We’ve all heard the warnings of the impending apocalypse, dooms day, or end of time. When in reality, the coming winter solstice will officially conclude a long era of a falsely guided belief system, and replace it with truth, light and an elevated spiritual consciousness.  “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” will be heard echoing around the world as December, 2012 draws near.  It may help to know that the transformation will not happen overnight, it will continue through 2038.

The good news is; humans will have 2,000 years to accept the transition into the Age of Light, either willingly or kicking and screaming! In which case, I would strongly suggest purchasing a large quantity of Tylenol!

February’s notable calendar continues with Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, the 14th, with the Sun entering the water sign of Pisces on the 19th. Then, we round things out with the New Moon, in Pisces, on the 21st

“The Ladies’ Privilege” is a popular law which dated back when relationships between the sexes were more rigid and formal. It was passed by a Scottish Act of Parliament in the 13th century, and later became an English Common Law in 1606. The origin of a marriage proposal law which prevented men from refusing the proposal is said to have originated in Ireland. The legend is that St Bridget met with St Patrick one day and complained that women did not have the right to propose marriage. Upon hearing this complaint, and being a reasonable man, St Patrick offered the opportunity for women to propose marriage one day, every seven years. However, being a woman of sound wit, St Bridget bargained him down to one day every fourth year, on February 29th. And so it was.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Shelly Seitz


Sagittarian Sun, Inc.

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