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Cosmic Chronicle – May 2012

Cosmic ChronicleThe first week of May gave us a brief moment of much needed homeostasis. But, we instinctively know that all good things must come to an end; as does the calm before a storm.

On May 5, a Scorpio Full Moon will once again accelerate the familiar roar of momentum which will push us through; much like the infamous words from Convoy, C.W. McCall, 1978, “We shot the line and went for broke with a thousand screamin’ trucks, so, we crashed the gate doin’ 98, let them truckers roll! 10-4!”

Now, get out the Tylenol, Prozac, and Xanax. The intense energy explosion on May 5 – 9 could flare road rage, erratic behaviors, and temper outbursts, which will hang-on until Mother’s Day, May 13. One would do well to consider a strenuous physical activity during this time; like digging a hole to China, building an Egyptian pyramid, renovating a Greek Pantheon, or swimming across the English Channel.

For those that successfully make it through these two weeks from hell, you will be cosmically rewarded with five fun filled days of renewed self-confidence, vigor, vitality, and the Midas touch. Yes, a grand trine is coming in on May 13, where its direct beneficial effects may linger until the 17th; indirectly until the Solar Eclipse on May 20.

Venus goes retrograde in Gemini on May 15 – June 27. Essentially, our only saving grace is that she will rest in a positive aspect to Saturn, the task master; ruler of restrictions and opposition. A Venus retrograde always directs us inward, emphasizing relationships; especially jointly held finances.

Gemini is the sign of logical intellect and the process for rational thinking. So, the energy from this Venus retrograde will direct our conscious minds to areas that we normally avoid like the plague, including an internal evaluation of our actions and values.

Within hours after the Sun enters the air sign of Gemini on May 20, we’ll get blasted full force with a Gemini New Moon and Full Solar Eclipse, which will forcibly elevate our consciousness up another octave. Are we having fun yet?   

The ancients revered and feared the powerful and long felt effects that both a Lunar and a Solar Eclipse championed. We are here to witness the old and tired system of materialism, power, greed and corruption move into shadow, and the dawn of a new age.

As we close the month with Memorial Day weekend, many may find themselves torn; i.e., should I go back to work, or call in? It will also prompt us to avoid verbal confrontations. Perhaps it would prove less stressful to make a list of any topics of conversation which may become intense. And, put the list on a back burner until after May 31.

In response to your question; will this infernal roller coaster ever stop? The late Jerry Reed left us with these appropriate words of wisdom, “We’ve a long ways to go, and a short time to get there!”

Normally, I would end the Chronicle with that quote, but, today I must add a footnote:

Every month, for the last several years, I’ve been using Hotmail to conveniently deliver the Chronicle. As you know, I’m the designated poster child for the technically challenged. “Keep it simple, stupid,” is my motto! All that I’ve ever wanted to do is write and distribute a well written, informative monthly newsletter, primarily for the layman. I admit that I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, but, I do know that people appreciate insight which may help them with their choices and options. We instinctively know that timing can mean everything. For instance, how many times have you said or heard these five words, “When the time is right?”

I have tried for a very long time to avoid this, mainly because I did not want the hassle, and I truly did not want to inconvenience anyone. But, it appears that I cannot independently add names and email addresses to my program’s encrypted newsletter manager. So, I must ask you to take a moment and subscribe if you wish to continue on my broom-to-door delivery route. (So far, I haven’t broken any windows!)

While you’re there, you may also want to submit the information for your web site. Nothing ventured, nothing gained… and it’s FREE! LOL! 

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Shelly Seitz


Sagittarian Sun, Inc.

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