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Cosmic Chronicle – June 2012

June 2012


Second verse, same as the first! Yes, June begins with more chaos, mayhem and calamity. Relationships will continue to suffer significant challenges until Venus goes direct on June 27.  As more hidden truths are revealed, we will continue to systematically sort out our lives, letting go of everything and anything that we do not need, especially from the past. Radical change has always been a bitter pill to swallow. And, it’s very hard to move forward when we are gripped with irrational fears, especially of the unknown.

An eclipse is always powerful, and packed with long term change. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on June 4 is no different. We will discover that it’s often much easier to remain co-dependent on others, than it is to unconditionally love ourselves. In comparison to the therapy of a 12 Step Program, the Lunar Eclipse will usher in a feeling or need for forgiveness. Consciously dealing with false pride will challenge many egos during this intense time. So, choose your battles wisely, lest you find yourself eating humble pie!

There is very good news, however! Whatever you were doing on or around November 30, 2010 will begin to materialize after June 1! As a point of reference; if you happen to be a pregnant Elephant, Rhino, or Sperm Whale, you will be ecstatically looking forward to the birth of your calf! LOL!

Father’s Day is June 17, and the New Moon in Cancer will be June 19. The longest day of the year; the Summer Solstice, marks the official first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. June 20 is going to be eventful because the Sun will enter the water sign of Cancer, too. There will be a brief respite when Venus goes direct on June 27. “How long is the respite going to be,” you ask cautiously. Count the days and finish whatever communication or commerce projects you’re working on. Mercury goes Retrograde July 15 – August 8.  Are we having fun yet? LOL!

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