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Beyond Time & Space

Is there a difference between a Psychic and a Medium? What is a premonition? What is precognition? What does it mean to be a sensitive? Can someone be mentally lucid and have extrasensory perception?

The term psychic is derived from the Greek word psychiokos which means soul. The psychic has developed an attunement with vibrations from the mind and body. A psychic has learned to trust the knowledge and information which comes through to him/her on the earthly plane; while the Spiritualist medium receives information from the spirit world. One may have the sensitivity to receive both psychic and spiritual information. Both the psychic and the medium may receive information consciously, or in a trance state.

The sixth sense or, extrasensory perception applies to all of us, in one or more ways. Clairsentience is the psychic ability to perceive or sense information by sight, sound, smell, tastes, emotions and physical sensations. Many mediums receive their information by psychically sensing it, without knowing that they’re doing it. Terms we are much more familiar with are; Clairvoyance, clear seeing and Clairaudience, clear hearing. Clairhambience, clear tasting, which is not as common as Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. And, the last two sensitivities are Clairalience, clear smelling, and Clairgustance, which is smells or odors from another dimension.

Have you ever been awakened from a sound sleep with a sense of foreboding; you just knew in your heart of hearts that something was very wrong? Since the feeling wasn’t specific, it was a premonition. Precognition contains specifics; most commonly time, place and/or person. Clairvoyance and precognition go hand in hand.

For many, it appears that mankind has abandoned all rational and logical intellect, in its quest to evolve to a higher vibration level and collective consciousness. And for many, replacing old beliefs and ideology for a new age of truth, light, humanitarian equality and sexual duality is completely insane. However, that time is upon us, and there is no turning back.

The mysteries of evolution go as far back as time itself, bringing us to this precise moment in time and space. As time progresses, we will each find our path to enlightenment and truth; in our own way, and in our own time. The journey isn’t easy, and many will learn some very hard lessons along the way. But, trial and error has always been an integral part of the evolutionary cycle we call life.

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Renaissance Over Coffee

Energy ExplosionThe darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Thomas Fuller, 1650

Throughout history there have been Renaissance periods; but not before forcing a mass human migration through a transitional prerequisite of uncertainty, conflict, confusion and upheaval. The first recorded Renaissance era was 1399-1400, during which time, the Church firmly held dominance over medieval society. And, during that period, the stage was set for the cataclysmic upheaval humanity is experiencing today. However, some significant historical bridges had to be crossed before mankind could begin righting the wrongs, which began when the aristocratic empires were overthrown in 1891-1892.  

In light of recent world events, many are wondering, “Is there really something to this? Are we approaching the end of the world?” Well, pour a cup of coffee, sit down, and we’ll talk about it…

An Apocalypse (Greek: Lifting of the veil or revelation) is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted. – Wikipedia

Parables hold insightful and prophetic messages. One such parable is; “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14. Of course, for those that know the Bible, that statement was taken from the Parable of the Wedding Feast, but the meaning definitely applies to The Great Shift of Human Consciousness. “He who has ears, let him hear” but, few will respond because they are too busy with their own worldly pursuits.” “Those that do respond are the few who are truly hearing with their spiritual ears,” because, “the creation and the conscience are within us.” “How do we know if we are among the few that have ears to hear? By responding to the call.” Philippians 1:6.

If we follow the thread from past events, it will lead us to our reality today. The Mayan Factor was unheard of, and non-existent, at the dawn of the first Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987. Astrologers were unaware of the Mayan prophecies, but, they couldn’t dispel the unusual planetary and zodiac placements. With Jupiter in Aries, the global community was called to awaken and hear the Higher Self. Gate Keepers, Guides, Teachers, and Messengers were summoned by the portal (or grand trine) of fire; Jupiter held firmly in Aries. Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun were in Leo. And, Saturn and Uranus were in Sagittarius.  Anyone with significant fire in their natal charts was miraculously affected by that planetary energy surge. Scientists scoffed at Tony Shearer and Jose’ Arguelles for their prophetic predictions regarding the Harmonic Convergence. But, Astronomers’ took a different view of the planetary event.  The planet was given a major wake-up call to All That Is, and the New Age Revolution began.

June 18-19, 2007, ushered in another portal of fire (grand trine) which dwarfed the first Harmonic Convergence. In 1987, Saturn and Uranus moved through Sagittarius, creating global awareness to a higher energy frequency and consciousness. If humanity missed the call in 1987, it was certainly rattled in 2007.  An uneasy panic spread, and Pluto, (the revealer), was demoted from its astronomical stature, with the belief that if it was taken out of the solar system’s equation its power and influence over our affairs would no longer affect us. That premise didn’t work, because, the powerful affect that Pluto has on the Earth’s core is monumental. It can set-off catastrophic earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards. It also has the power to unhinge the emotional and  spiritual fabric that humans have adopted within their belief systems. Uranus is belligerently  disruptive in nature, and manifests changes for both mankind and the Earth, very quickly. Therefore, the 2007 grand trine of fire greatly expanded the 1987 portal.

By July 17-18, 2010, the Mayan Calendar, its prophecies, the 26,000 year long count, and the cosmic pyramid which is directing the shift to unity consciousness were well known. The Consciousness Convergence, 2010, was described as the beginning of a process toward deepened Unity Consciousness that will never stop. An accurate analogy would be the quantum leap the European Renaissance  took into industrialism. The difference is that this Renaissance is not meant for separate individuals, but, will eventually engulf all of humanity.

Resistance to change has been, and will continue to be, met by forces of influential hierarchy that are ego-based, and threatened; digging in to preserve the old world thought processes and power. Cynicism, indifference, fear-mongering, and apathy have become manipulative defense ploys, which will continue through 2038, when the great shift of human consciousness will be completed and the dawn of the Golden Age will be fully realized.


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Spirit Answers

chakra energyIn the Occult (hidden) world, the Spiritual Plane is the highest level of being; the ultimate level of creative and intellectual power from which all other planes unfold. The Spiritual Plane is considered beyond time, space, and person. That is why we have to be extremely specific writing thoughtforms, magick, metaphysics, and spirit communication; our greatest resource, Spirit, has no concept of time, space or person. We have to explain every detail to Spirit, then it can work effectively, efficiently, and on the same page with us.

We will discuss the energy centers in more depth, but when the 7th Chakra (which is on the top of your head, where a newborn’s thin fontanel is located) is opened, you have connected with your Higher Self or Spiritual Self. An open 7th Chakra will allow you to hear those in the spiritual realm clearly, most often via the right ear.

When you have a question, it can be asked before going to bed. If your question was asked correctly, or, there is an answer available, you will have your answer by morning. If you don’t have an answer in the morning, you may only ask your question three nights, then, leave it alone. There are times that we may not like the answer we receive, and insist that the answer is wrong. You aren’t imagining anything, always ask yourself, Why would spirit lie?

There are several ways that we can receive our answers; a vivid and retained dream is most common.  But, a song on the radio may jump out at you, and you’ll say, “There it is!” Or, a letter will come in the mail, which you would normally throw out, but instead, laid on a table or counter. Go back and reread it, your answer was there all of the time! And remember; If there is an answer, it will come, when you least expect it.

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